Design, marketing and webhosting

Chaweewan Group does website design, logo design and set up hosting. Together with you we can develop a marketing plan for your company that includes webpage, facebook page and social media.

We create and manage facebook ad campaigns and google adwords campaigns and other types of ads. We can also take care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SSL. You dont have to think about what this implies in every detail, you can be assured we will do whatever is necessary for your project to reach the right potential customers.



Here are some examples of our work:


Website design and webhosting setup
Gentleman Shopping
Logo design
Logo design
Website design, logo design and hosting
Cookie Monzer
Date Thai Jente


Background and experience

Christian Grimshei is the manager of Chaweewan Group. Christian’s father owned a printing shop in Oslo. Christian was in the shop a lot during his childhood years. As a teenager he designed school papers and flyers at night in the company’s offices when they were vacated. In 2008 Christian taught himself WordPress, a relatively new system at the time for content management and design on the web. WordPress is now the foundation of more than 30% of all web pages on the net. Christian has made countless websites with WordPress, and can guide you to find the solutions that fit your needs. Chaweewan Group also take cares of SEO (search engine optimization) and SSL (a standard security technology that is necessary). 

New media marketing was a subject Christian got interested in when he was making promotional plans for his own music label Rabiang Records. He has managed over 50 ad campaigns on facebook and other places. Christian is the administrator of over 20 groups on facebook. From this work he has developed extremely useful knowledge about social media that he can use to advise other companies.