TV and PC help

We do installations and repairs across large parts of Thailand. We use webcam when possible and can also visit you when we travel. Here are some examples of things we do:

  • PC repair (windows reinstallation etc)
  • TV calibration (color, contrast, etc.)
  • TV Box configuration (Foreign TV in Thailand)
  • Smart TV installation
  • Custom built PC  (for example a PC for video editing or games)
  • Virus removal
  • Installation of internet networks in private houses, at bars and hotels
  • CCTV




We will also offer seminars and training  in using email, windows, internet, facebook, photo editing, text editing, password and security. Contact us for a tailor made package for individuals or companies.



Background TV and PC help:

Christian Grimshei is the leader of Chaweewan Group.Christian got interested in technology in his late teens when he discovered music made by digital instruments. He started studying the subject himself and his début as a music producer was in 1991. Since then any kind of technology producing audio and visual art and culture has interested him. He has produced over 7 albums with various projects under many names during the last 30 years. 

Christian started using the internet in 1993 when attending Brandeis University in the USA. It sparked an interest that remains to this day in regards to the net, wifi, smart phones, operating systems, cable standards and visual media.  



Smart TV