Organisational coaching

Many companies in Thailand run by ex-pats have problems with organizing the work in a way that creates a profitable result.

Often this is related to having a business with both expats and Thais working together.

Often there are challenges related to marketing and company presentation. Many of these challenges are related to language, cultural work habits and organizational psychology in general.

We can help companies with these kinds of problems. One package that we will offer is a complete analysis of the company based on interviews and observations, all done in complete confidentiality. Based on this we will give recommendations on how to solve these problems and we can also help in executing the solutions.

We will offer seminars and coaching of managers in Thailand. It is also likely that we will offer conflict resolution in multicultural relationships and individual counselling.


Christian Grimshei is the manager of Chaweewan Group. He speaks Thai, English and Norwegian. Christian  has 10 years of education in the social sciences. He studied psychology, sociology, ethics and religion at the University of Oslo. Among the subjects were organizational psychology and cultural psychology. At Brandeis University he studied developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology. Christian has work experience with group psychology, project management and counselling and has written several books.