Sunset at Khao Sai Golf Course in Phetchabun Thailand


Golf trip to Thailand

14 days all included

Only 999 Euro

Resort stay, 10 green fees, golf bag loan, breakfast and dinner every day


You will be picked up at the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok by our English speaking manager. After a 3.5 hours drive, we arrive at the golf resort where you choose a golf bag for your stay. Loans of golf clubs are included in the price, just like breakfast and dinner every day.



Hole 5 at Khao Sai Golf Course in Phetchabun Thailand


Khao Sai golf course is a 9 hole course in the province of Phetchabun. 10 green fees are included in the package. The course is located in a nature area with little traffic and very limited big tourism. Here you can experience the real Thailand with its wonderful nature, massage and friendly smile that has become so famous all over the world. Thailand is known as the land of smiles and you can feel this both on the golf course and in the surrounding area.


The restaurant at Khao Sai golf course. Here you can enjoy both authentic thai food and western food
The restaurant at Khao Sai golf course. Here you can enjoy both authentic thai food and western food


The restaurant has both authentic thai food and western food. It is open from morning to evening and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Karaoke rooms and seminar rooms are also available.



Thailand is known as the land of smiles


One can experience not only golf but also the local market which is only 5 minutes drive from the golf course. Or how about lunch at one of the local restaurants? Your tour guide speaks English, Norwegian and Thai. If you need help booking a massage session or finding a restaurant, the manager is always ready to help.



Driving range Khao Sai golf course


If anything happens to your golf clubs, we can repair them on site. Chaweewan Group has a golf workshop where we can do anything from changing grips to finding a driver that fits you. The trip consists of 14 days. Of these days there are two travel days and two days off without golf. This means you have 10 greenfees you can use whenever you want.


The ruin park in Sukhothai, which is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites



Extra trip to the ruins of Sukhothai 

We set up trips to Sukhothai to see the ruins of temples built in the 12-14th century. It is a marvellous experience to walk in the ancient royal palace and the 26 temples around it. Many believe this was the start of Thailand’s Buddhist civilization. The historic ruin park is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. This day trip to Sukhothai costs 50 Euro per person. This includes lunch and transportation.


Extra trip to the buddhist temple in Phitsanulok

The temple in Phitsanulok is very beautiful and contains many artifacts and sidetemples to explore and study. This day trip costs 50 Euro per person and includes lunch and transportation. You can read more about the temple here.


Extra trip to Khao Ko and Pha Sorn Kaew

This is a special trip that can be tailored on site with the guests. We can visit a magnificent Buddist monastery called Wat Pha Sorn Kaew. Or drive along the winding road and see some of the most spectacular views in Thailand. Cost depends on number of participants and if we decide to stay overnight.


Some people say the Wat Pha Sorn Kaew is the most spectacular temple in the whole of Thailand. It certainly is in the most special place, on top of a big mountain!


Note: Airplane tickets are not included in the price and are organized by the customers themselves. If you want to use a cart on the golf course this must be paid for by yourself. The cost is 400-500 baht per 18 holes. Hotel, green fees, breakfast, dinner and golfbag loans are included in the price. The trip is made for golfers. Non-golfers are allowed, but the price is the same as for golfers. Non-golfers get 4 free daytime trips in the area, for example to the Taphan Hin temple and market.


Tailored trip

You can also set up your own vacation and we organize it for you. For example, 21 days with 10 green fees or 14 days with 5 green fees. Contact us and we will give you an offer on your set up.


Below you will find more pictures from Khao Sai golf course. Don’t hesitate to write to us or call us for more information. Please use the “Contact us” page on this website.